How to Make Your Enterprise Truly Secure and Compliant

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Security breaches are a huge cause of concern for enterprises worldwide. Studies have shown that in 2009 alone, corporations across the world have lost close to a trillion dollars owing to data loss either accidentally or due to malicious attacks. Enterprise risk management has therefore emerged as a prerequisite for companies to avoid these hazards. However, such governance risk and compliance management measures should ideally be embedded in processes across the enterprise. They should identify risks, along with measuring, mitigating and monitoring them at regular intervals. Your enterprise should therefore be equipped with solutions that can provide practical assistance to your risk managers, and enhance their skills to tackle risks effectively. Here are some insights to help you put in place, a powerful risk management strategy for your enterprise.

Importance of Compliance Management for Your Enterprise

The complexity of the contemporary business environment is well-known. In such a climate, enterprises are required to comply with several government mandates and other industry regulations. And this is immensely important for the functioning of any enterprise.

It Compliance management is the process of ensuring compliance with appropriate rules and regulations. It influences almost all facets of the enterprise, because it involves tremendous volumes of data and knowledge. Hence, compliance management is a critical, yet laborious test for organizations. While ideally it should be a consistent, ongoing process, in most organizations it is often not so.

Getting the Right Compliance Management Software

Whereas compliance should be a proactive process, traditionally enterprises see compliance as something that needs to be reacted to. Therefore compliance costs are often very high even as the actual risks continue to grow unabated. What needs to be understood is that, with new threats emerging everyday, regulatory measures will continue to increase. This means that enterprises need to adopt a full-fledged view of its risks taking into consideration the regulatory requirements as well. Hence, your compliance management software should

  • necessarily offer you complete visibility into risks that could affect the enterprise’s reputation or result in legal action or penalty
  • not limit itself to risk mitigation, but should define and measure risks up front for your enterprise
  • allow enhanced audit trails and reports for your enterprise
  • have efficient reporting capabilities

Tackling the Problem of Risks Wisely

Enterprise security concerns are on the rise with every passing minute. Hence, being a secure enterprise is now more challenging than ever before. It is not just a technical challenge anymore, but is now regarded as a business obstacle that needs to be surmounted. Therefore enterprises need to tackle risks intelligently by putting in place security measures and controls that help in compliance management, as well as in the protection of confidential data and other assets.

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How to Make Your Enterprise Truly Secure and Compliant

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How to Make Your Enterprise Truly Secure and Compliant

This article was published on 2010/12/02